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Annual Dr. Russell B. Steele Memorial Golf Tournament

Enjoy a great day of golf and fellowship at the Woodbridge Golf and Country Club.

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Discuss how donations to the foundation provide equipment to improve the quality of care for...

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Lodi Memorial Hospital Foundation is dedicated to supporting Lodi Health and its many programs...

Lodi Memorial Hospital Foundation Tile Program $500 minimum over 2 years.

A Trustworthy Organization

Thanks to our generous donors and supporters, the Lodi Memorial Hospital Foundation was able to give the Hospital an unprecedented $2,545,000 in 2011! $1,536,000 was campaign pledges received, along with an additional $400,000 from the Foundation to satisfy our own campaign pledge commitment to the hospital. Additionally, we contributed $609,000 for capital equipment of HR software and an EKG machine.

Looking forward the Foundation is presented with many opportunities to assist the Hospital and the community. With the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, we feel compelled to provide community education for national health care. Watch for forums and shirt-sleeve gatherings to collect current information on how health care reform affects our hospital, you personally, and to help you understand your options.